“It is equally important how you feel in a piece of clothing as how you look”
says founder Maria Olsson.

You know when you´re packing for a weekend trip or getting dressed for a party where you don´t really know anyone. Well in all of those cases I bet a lot of you have looked down at your outfit thinking, why!? Why didn´t I just wear my favourite shirt or kimono. That way I could have added jeans and felt like myself.

Or you know that style you feel great in? How many of that same look do you have in your wardrobe? A few I bet. Probably from different brands with almost the entirely same look. I think we often fall in love with a fit / style and not always a brand. There is no set book of rules towards what makes everyone feel great but there are some distinct guidelines that do apply to some of us. Adjustable waist, not too tight under the arms, not too short, not too long etc. Nuum was created with a desire to make a brand that focus on the fit. Feeling comfortable with what you´re wearing shouldn´t mean that you have to wear your old sweatpants and worn out t-shirt everyday. Let us agree that not even your everyday oversized white shirt will work with absolutely every occation?

The story behind the brand itself surfaced naturally as Maria´s everyday life is busy and keeps her on her toes both workwise and socially. Making a decision of what to wear during work, dinner and drinks after at 07 in the morning can be challenging. Therefore this collection is her attempt to create a smart brand and a clothing line that can follow you throughout your busy daily life and the result, our nuum Daytime – Evening – Festivity.

Let´s go back and talk about that oversized white shirt that has that permanent possition in our wardrobe.
In the DAYTIME line it could be featured in linnen or cotton etc.
In the EVENING line it could be presented in something more shiney.
And in the FESTIVITY line it could be decorated with gold detailing of fabric covered buttons etc.
Same shirt. Three different looks and fabric.